What’s in a Name?

We chose the words “Honky Tonk” to connect with our home in Nashville, the excitement, creativity & soul of live music…and to make sure we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re happy to support the live music scene in Nashville by promoting shows at the venues and bars that serve our beer. Checkout the following links for their upcoming event schedules:

12th & Porter  |  The Basement East  |  The Meet Room

And get on down to Paradise Park on when visiting lower Broadway.

One Piece at a Time

This Johnny Cash classic tells the tale of a GM assembly line worker’s ingenious plan to steal all the parts to build a Cadillac one piece at a time and put it all back together before he retires. Johnny’s plan worked out just about like our plan to build this brewery one piece at a time. It’s fired up and running but we get a few strange looks every now and then. The beer tastes mighty fine and “It didn’t cost us a dime!”

Tuned Up Lagers and Ales

Tuned up like a Richard Petty’s ’74 Dodge Charger…lots of horsepower wrapped in a loud and proud exterior. In the beginning, we told ourselves that bigger and bolder would be the way we would set ourselves apart in the craft beer world.

True to that original plan, our first beer to be canned is our West Coast IPA with nearly 100 IBU’s of dry-hopped power to punch you in the mouth.

Honky Tonk Music History

Live music played in piano bars in the Mississippi Delta.


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